Levitra Bayer Review: Quality Drug by a Respectable Manufacturer

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Brand: Levitra Bayer

Active Ingredient: Vardenafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Bayer

Country of Manufacture: Germany (Multinational)

Levitra Bayer Package Image

Review and Description

Levitra Bayer is a brand of the ingredient Vardenafil that is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. The drug works by relaxing the muscles of blood vessels so that blood flow can be increased. When the penis is stimulated, the user of the drug achieves an erection that can last for the period of his sexual activities. The user of the drug will only get an erection if he is stimulated so he does not have to worry about being publicly humiliated.

Bayer AG is a German pharmaceutical company that has an international reputation. They have over a hundred and fifty years in the business. Levitra is not only the most popular drug they produce. They also produce Cipro and Yaz. They have a diverse portfolio that also includes veterinary medicine and agricultural products.

Customer Reviews

Drugs.com has several reviews for Levitra and three are pictured below. The reviews are mixed but generally good. Gator Jack gave Levitra 8 out of 10. He was 68 at the time of the review and used Levitra 20mg for several years. It worked well for both him and his wife and he never experienced any side effects. He listed the cost of the item and appreciated the quality and effectiveness of the drug that he got.

George was an eighty-four-year-old who used Levitra for eight years. He took 5mg on an empty stomach and he got an erection in 25 minutes. He and his partner had intercourse weekly and Levitra worked well for him each time. If he took the drug on an empty stomach, he took a higher dosage. He has however since decided on a generic Levitra which is cheaper than the brand Levitra. Vern Rabbit said that the drug “absolutely cranks”. It was wonderful and he took half or less than a 20mg dose. With this dose, he enjoyed 10 hours of performance.

Bayer AG actually has a good reputation in the pharmaceutical industry

Bayer AG actually has a good reputation in the pharmaceutical industry. They have both a web and physical presence and are known for much more than Levitra. They don’t have any actual reviews so it is unfair to assume that it is a good manufacturer or a bad one. However, it has to be doing something right in order to have survived over a century in the industry.

Pricing and Dosage

The prices shown are for 20mg of Branded Levitra. 4 pills cost $41.24, 12 pills cost $69.11 and 24 pills cost $110.92.

Levitra is available in 2

Levitra is available in 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. The dose you take would be dependent on what your doctor prescribes. It is to be taken orally and as needed by patients.

How to Buy Levitra Bayer Online

Brand Levitra is available for sale at one of the two e-pharmacies provided below. However, if you buy it at either pharmacy and spend less than $200, your shipping fee would be $9.95 for standard shipping or $19.95 for expedited shipping.

In the 20mg dose, you can buy 4, 12, 24, 48, 96 or 120 pills. The minimum order is 4 pills and cost $10.31. However, if you purchase 120 pills you would pay $3.71 for each pill. The total cost is $445 and shipping is free.



How to Use

It is recommended that you take 10mg as an initial dose. In some instances, it can be increased to 20mg or in other instances it is reduced to 5mg. Persons with cardiovascular diseases, liver and kidney diseases are not to take Levitra. If this is the case, you should inform your doctor.

Levitra should not be taken by persons who have allergic reactions to Vardenafil. It should not be taken by persons on certain drugs. You should disclose all drug information to your doctor before he prescribes it to you. Take the drug at least half hour before planned sexual activities.

Side Effects

Levitra has several side reactions if it happens; it is normal, if not then that too is normal. The drug is not for use by everyone. Taking the product with alcohol can increase chances of low blood pressure and headaches. Headaches are a common side effect along with flushing, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea and congestion. Some persons experience back pain, hypotension and sensitivity. Some persons may have chest pain and in some instances, patients can suffer from a prolonged and painful erection.

Conclusion with Rating

Levitra is a drug used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The drug is popular and has several good reviews. The drug comes from a reputable manufacturer and the reviewers have given them really good reviews. Three reviews are more acceptable and believable as it gives a comprehensive view of the situation and all the reviews were not perfect so that was a plus.

Bayer AG is a renowned pharmaceutical company that has an established reputation in the industry. Products from them can, therefore, be trusted for high quality and meeting the standards put forward by ISO, the Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organisation. Levitra gets a 5-star review from us because the product has all the qualities deserving of a product that is of a high quality. Its manufacturer is reputable and it has a good reputation so it is assumed to be a quality product.

You should consult your doctor before taking Levitra because the drug, if not taken with directions can have fatal consequences.

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